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Welcome to Plainview Swim and Dive, home of the Wahoos!

What is a Wahoo? In the marine world, it is a type of mackerel that is among the fastest fish in the sea. For others, it’s simply a shout for joy! But at Plainview, our Wahoos are much more special. Here, a Wahoo is a swimmer, a friend, a teammate, a cheerleader, a competitor, and so much more.

The Plainview Swim and Dive Team has been serving the youth of Jeffersontown and surrounding areas since 1975. In our pools, countless children have benefited from learning swim and dive techniques and developed a love for the sport of swimming. Plainview team members have gone on to compete at the college level and the Olympic Time Trials. In addition to the physical benefits for children, the team creates community, develops life-long friendships, and a great sense of teamwork and pride.

Plainview Swim and Dive is a parent-run, volunteer organization dedicated to the promotion of physical fitness through competitive swimming and diving. Over the past season, the team served over 250 male and female athletes, ranging in age from 4 to 18. Parents of the athletes are required to provide volunteer service, averaging an estimated 25 hours per family. However, many families average well over this as Plainview becomes a summer tradition that they look forward to participating in together.

If you are interested in a summer of fun, family activities, friendship, and fitness in a fantastic multiple-pool facility backed by the first-class city of Jeffersontown, contact one of our board members below. We can’t wait for you to become a Wahoo!


Brandon McGrew

Swim President

Teesy Rogers

Vice President - Coaching

Amy Harrison

Dive President

John Thomas


Jennifer Bottoms

Volunteer Coordinator

Sharon Grugel

Vice President - Operations

Ann Id-Loughssiyr

Computer/Meet Manager

Amy Stephenson


Crystal McGrew

Communications & Marketing

Michael Punnett


Amie Barnes

Social Coordinator

Lisa Holloway

Social Coordinator

Rachel Frydlewicz


Aaron Evans


Kim Evans


Tracie Schannep

Head Swim Coach

Karl Grugel

Asst LSA Representative


Plainview Swim and Tennis Center

10235 Timberwood Cir, Jeffersontown, Kentucky, US